Preview the Harmony Module!

Harmony for all.

Playing chord and chord progressions by ear is not just for the select few.

It’s available to you now, if you want to work for it.

Playing by ear and knowing what you’re hearing… why, it’s worth more than all the tabs and tutorials in the world, combined!

And you can extract the chords from a song you love if you know the way!

Showing that way with explanations that just make sense, aren’t full of technical jargon, and with fun homework, and audio hints of popular songs, Episode 04 on Vertical Harmony will take your ear and understanding of chords to the next level. Watch now.

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Posted on 16 September 2016

Playing a Song the Same Way Twice: How to Miss the Point

“The biggest leap was when I came upon your Radiohead tutorials. In one of those (I don’t remember which one) you casually point out that students shouldn’t worry about playing a song exactly how they sound on the record, Radiohead never played a song exactly the same way twice and neither should we. That’s when I subscribed to your youtube page and liked you on facebook, and really it’s what stands you apart from all the other teachers I found on the net. They all focus on showing how to play perfectly (and some are quite good at it), while you made me understand the songs.”

Filipe recently purchased the Melody Module and I asked him for initial impressions of the videos and for feedback. Instead, what I received was a much more interesting story of personal discovery on how replicating a song really misses the point.

Click through to read Filipe’s story.

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Posted on 6 June 2016

Are You Progressing Well Enough On the Guitar?

…If your long-term goal is to improve as a guitarist and more generally, as a musician, just be sure to include some music theory in there, and get your ear involved. You’d be surprised how many people learn to play songs, but never learn to play music!

Find out how well you’re progressing on the guitar and read my full response on Quora.

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Posted on 29 February 2016

Happy Journey to Musicianship

Someone asked “warren. what is the difference between your grid system and using regular musical notation on a staff?”

I answered.

Happy Journey

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Posted on 10 February 2016

Sergio Wants To Know

Hey Warren,
I have been a huge fan since your Radiohead tutorials. I am really intrigued with your new music project and want to be a part of it. Before I drop $99 on the melody aspect, my question to you is exactly what is included with this.

Well, Sergio I’m glad you asked…

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Posted on 3 February 2016

What Is Harmony?

Kendrick Lamar vs. Radiohead

The I-bII-bIII Chord Progression. Exhibit B - "How Much a Dollar Cost" by #KendrickLamar. #musictheory #WARRENMUSIC 2/2

A video posted by Warren Lain (@warrenlain) on

“Have you heard Kendrick Lamar’s album? There’s this one song…” he said.

”‘How Much A Dollar Cost?’” she replied.

“Yeah that’s the one! How did you know? Hah. Yeah, there’s just something great about it.”

“It’s a great song. Love the beat. But that piano part… I think that’s what makes it. So rich and beautiful. It reminds me of Radiohead.”

“Uh… Wow. I never thought of it that way. But I think you’re right. The piano makes that song!”

“Yeah, I actually think it has the same chord progression as ‘Pyramid Song.’ Let me see… [plays both on piano]. Yup. It does.”

“Whoa. What are you, some kind of musical genius? My jaw just hit the floor.”

“Nah, the notes in these chords all have the same basic relationships. That’s all.”

“I wish I understood harmony like you do.”

“Well, it takes some time and effort. But if you understand melody, you’re halfway there,” she said.

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Posted on 12 January 2016

Interactive YouTube Piano

I made a nifty YouTube piano you can play with your keyboard. A quick music theory tool that’s sure to be useful (must be viewed on

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Posted on 18 December 2015

Lifetime Access: The Door Is Open... For Now

How many modules you have planned? What direction is this going? Trust me, I have been a supporter for a while, so I know your heart and dedication is fully invested, but what kind of security does someone have who is investing $999, that this will continue?

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Posted on 8 December 2015

What Am I Hearing?

As we lay the first bricks of our musicianship foundation, one question helps us get a sense of where to begin; it snaps everything into focus.

What am I hearing?

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Posted on 21 May 2015

A Musicianship Series

What if someone could walk you through the process of becoming a better musician, step-by-step? What if you could gain something more valuable than a tab or a tutorial, or even hundreds of tabs and tutorials? What if there were a video series that went beyond playing songs and could give you more? And what if it were more affordable than a private teacher, available to you 24/7?

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Posted on 22 April 2015

From What We Hear to the Music We Make (Fretboard Certainty)

People often ask me how I know my way around the fretboard. Perhaps I should call this the “people often ask me” series. Haha. Anyway, if you want a real answer, I am no virtuoso. I am far from it. Guitar fretboard speed is not what I excel at especially when compared to the likes of, say EVH or Greg Koch. Now, there are many programs people look at to build speed: CAGED, the Guitar Grimoire, etc. For shredding and sweep picking, there are plenty of instructional videos. I myself, though, have never really desired to build up virtuosic speed. If there was anything I wanted… it was to just KNOW the fretboard–to have what I hear be one with the music I make.

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Posted on 25 April 2013

Modes Explained

I get a lot of questions about music theory. I thought it would be great to tackle some of these questions and post them on this blog for anyone who might want to chew on ideas in music theory and use them as a jumping off point for making new music or gaining some clarity on the songs they are already studying. So here is my first attempt!

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Posted on 10 April 2013

Another way...

I am convinced that we live in the best time in history to learn music. We download albums in seconds, watch entire concerts on YouTube, and have easy access to tons of educational content. I hear there’s even a crazy guy who teaches tons of Radiohead songs for free! It truly is an amazing time for students of music everywhere, isn’t it? And yet, I am approached–almost daily–with the same issue students have everywhere in the world… what I call a lack of fluency in music.

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Posted on 23 December 2012